bailbonds men in miami help get out of jail

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bailbonds men in miami help get out of jail

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bailbonds men in miami help get out of jail


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Stevenson Brothers Bail Bonds has a long history of providing fast, affordable and discrete bail bonds services in Miami and Nation wide. We have 3 locations in South Florida providing bail bond services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over 25 years of bailbonds experiences, Stevenson Brothers Bail Bonds is able to provide our clients with competent streamlined services. We are able to handle bonds of all sizes anywhere in 50 States. We will work hard to make your bail bonds experience as pleasant as possible. Fastest services in your time of need! If you or someone you know requires a friendly, fast, reliable, and full-services, please contact Stevenson Brothers Bail Bonds at (305) 625-7800.










The process of being arrested does not get better with time. After the initial booking and holding cell placement, suspects must face a judge during a procedure called an arraignment. At that time, the judge hears the charges and asks the detainee to enter a plea. If that plea is 'not guilty,' then a court date is set for a formal trial. Since this date could be months or years away, the judge must also decide if the accused person is trustworthy enough to remain out of custody before the trial.

First of all, don't worry. We are professionals bail bondsmen and we will get them out quickly for you. Next, pick up the phone and give us a call or drop us an email so we can get the bail process going. Please have the person's name and jail handy. If you don't know the jail name we can probably look it up for you. Once we have this information we'll contact the jail to verify the bail amount. Before we can post the bail bond to the jail we'll have you fill out and sign a few documents stating that you promise to pay us back. We generally do this in person at our office but we can come to you in some cases.

Another option is Bail by Email. Once the documentation is all taken care of we send a bail bondsmen to the jail to post the bond and your loved one is released within a couple of hours. That's really all there is to it. We do like them to check in with us within 24 hours to explain what happens next and what their obligations are as far as bail is concerned.

Bail is simply the assurance that the defendant will appear in court on the required date and at the required time.

The amount of bail is in the discretion of the judge or magistrate with two main limitations. The court must remember that the purpose of bail is to secure the appearance of the defendant in court, not to punish the defendant. The court must also remember that excessive bail is a violation of constitutional rights. When determining the amount of bail the seriousness of the charge, the defendant’s previous criminal record and the probability of the defendant appearing in court must all be taken into consideration.

Bail by email saves you time and hassle. You can complete the entire bail process right from the comfort of your home or office. Instead of you driving down to one of our offices you can just email or call us. This saves you serious drive time in Miami or Fort Lauderdale traffic and also saves you from paying for parking. Plus if you live somewhere in rural Florida and would like us bail someone out for you driving in would be nearly impossible.

How it works is we email you the forms and you fill them out and then you email or fax them back to us and we take care of everything else. All you have to take care of is a ride home for your loved one when they get released a couple of hours later.

Watch This Video! Pat explains the Stevenson Brothers 'Get Outta Jail, Fast' process.

When a defendant is given probation and is released from custody the bail is exonerated as a matter of law.

Bail is a bond that is posted for your release from jail and is money or property given as assurance that you will appear in court at the appointed date. The bail amount set is usually based on the circumstances and seriousness of the alleged crime. You may pay the bail amount yourself, pay a bail bondsman a fixed percentage of the amount of bail, or have a family or friend post bail for you. If you, a friend or family member posts bond, once you appear in court the cash is returned or bond on property (a lien on property as collateral) is no longer in force. The percentage paid to a bondsman (usually 10%), however, is not returned.

Actually, no. The terms of bail state that the accused must be present for the entire trial or they are considered in violation of their bail. Be sure to show up until the end.

When the bail has served its purpose, the collateral will be exonerated. Exoneration can occur when the defendant is returned to custody or when the proceeding is terminated in some fashion.

Suety Bond - This process is a contractual undertaking, which involves a bail bondsperson, an indemnitor, and the court. The courts tend to favor this form of release, because it guarantees that if the defendant fails to appear in court, someone (the bail agent) will make an immediate effort to find the defendant, apprehend him or her, and bring him or her back to the court of proper jurisdiction. By involving family and friends of the defendant, a bail bondsperson and the courts are reasonably assured of the defendant's appearance.

Property Bonds - Property bonds involve the placing of local real estate (homes only, no raw land or out-of-state homes) with the courts as security for the release of a defendant. This process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks, because it requires a judge's approval, a property appraisal, a comparable sales comparison, and the clerk's acceptance. However, most states do not accept property bonds.

Cash Bail - Cash bail means that the person who is trying to obtain the release of the defendant must deliver the full amount of bail in cash to the jail facility where the defendant is being detained.

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